An efficient tool to manage your business professionally.

How to connect to the Client-Bank System?

  1. Conclude a relevant agreement

  2. Obtain a USB-token

  3. Install the relevant SW and register with the system

  4. Activate key certificates

The Client-Bank System capabilities

  • making payments in the Russian and foreign currencies;
  • browsing the status of the payments made;
  • obtaining statements of movements on accounts;
  • browsing balances and movements on accounts;
  • browsing incoming payments;
  • sending documents signed with e-signature to the Bank;
  • creating your own payment document templates, including on the basis of payments made;
  • purchase and sale of the foreign currency according to the exchange rates established by the Bank.

How to connect the Mobile Client-Bank?

  1. File an application in our Transstroibank Office

  2. Obtain personal requisites for access

  3. Download app in AppStore or Google play

  4. Activate key certificates

Mobile App capabilities:

  • Browsing current balances and statements on accounts.
  • Generation of statements.
  • Creation of payment orders in the Russian roubles (including budget and tax ones), accepting, withdrawal of payments and prompt repeated payments.
  • Creation of payment templates.
  • Offices and ATMs search.
  • Browsing the Bank’s exchange rates and news.
  • Messaging with the Bank.

Download the application, and manage your bank account at any convenient time and anywhere: 


Assess for yourself the capabilities of the Mobile Client-Bank application by means of a test version
Requisites to login the test version:

LOGIN – clientdemo
PASSWORD – democlient 

Mobile Client-Bank is designed for devices with iOS OS, version 9 or later, or Android, version 4 or later.